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What about consciousness?

I see consciousness as a kind of carrier wave, as we know it from the Radio technology.  There is a frequency which resembles a Radio wave .
This is transmitted by a Radio station, when we use the dial knob of the Radio to adjust it to that particularly station we don't hear anything until they modulate this carrier wave with speech or music.
Let's consider this, our consciousness is the carrier wave, and the modulation (music) is our self awareness our ego. Now you can imagine that our ego can only exist when we have a consciousness but our consciousness can still exist without our ego.
This an amazing discovery, but we go on with this thought.
All radio stations have a difference,  in style it is Jazz, or Rock, it is talk radio or New wave, the ego's are different, but they are all important, because they resemble the whole spectrum of  creativity,  if they were all the same, or if they were silent, then they had no use.
Everything in Nature is different, every specie,  every element, every planet, even every parallel universe is different, so why should we try to be uniform in thoughts in Religion or ideology, why should we reduce our ego so that there is no difference in individuals any more?
Do yo  see the connection? All ego's have to build up their own properties, their own speciality,  they have to explore them self to build up a spectacular library of creativity which will be shared with everyone. And consciousness is the beginning of all events, not the end.
Another way of approaching the way we grow up, is to assume that also there is a kind of evolution, maybe we create several personalities during our live.
For instance,  when we are born until let's say 6 years old, we create a personality that remains in the universal awareness field, than we build up the next one and the next on til we die. Al these personalities are linked together, but also exist separate.  Some times when in our childhood something happened what was a bad experience,  this personality  is frustrated and can have real influence in  our daily life.
An personal example, I was in my childhood abandoned by my father, later I had to go away from my trusted surroundings,  away from my friends and school to a  camp some were in the north east of Holland. I felt not wanted, and totally alone. This child is a entity on it self, however I have to battle to keep this child out of my daily life, in this battle sometimes the child take the overhand and sometimes I can push him away. I found out that even now I let this child alone I want to push him away from me, I want to forget him, in other words I still feed his frustration, that he is not wanted, and I leave him alone, now already 50 years long. of course this child is so angry and sad that he wants  to break everything down.
I learned that the only thing you can do is to let him be a part of your live, take him in your arms and love him, then this entity will  integrate into your live, and won't be  disturbing your live any more. I call this  fragmented consciousness evolution.

Finally  something about what I think of consciousness.

Everything that is, is ultimately something that is observed.
All of it, perceives and is conscious.
There can not be unconscious. Everything IS, is conscious.
That does not necessarily have to be self-conscious, but conscious.
Instead of saying "I am Consciousness" is so much better to say 'I'm Aware'.
And, perhaps even better: "I am".
The word "conscious" do not need to be attached, for all are, including your own, is by definition a conscious.
The "I" in the statement "I am" is our real self. Am I should indeed be first, before you can say 'I am', 'I am this' or 'I am that'

Then I came to the following conclusion:

Actually, I think that Descartes makes a mistake with his' I think therefore I am "
With this sentence he says that one first thinks and then. In my opinion it is the other first is the consciousness there, and then comes the thought, as the projector first (consciousness) is there and the movies (thoughts)
That's why I say, "I am so I think"

My girlfriend got me pointed out that I have taken over the thought of Descartes from Tiich Nhat Hanh.

What about religion or ideology?

During my live I was confronted   with a lot of  different views on things what interested me, one of them was mediation,  I practised this every time again, not every day and sometimes I didn't meditate for months, but I had a good feeling about this, and I still have. But some people think that meditation is the way to enlightenment, you have to lower or even shut down your ego to achieve  this enlightenment,  here I think, this is wrong , because what you practice is Radio silence, and then you are no part any more  there is no bond with other creative ego's, and when you shut down your ego entirely then you become in the primary state of just consciousness, back to the beginning, no part of Evolutions of souls. This is an  unnatural state, and was not meant to  be. The theory is in my opinion wrong, and that can happen during our development. Everything is a learning process,  the only thing you should keep in mind is that there is not such a thing as the ultimate truth.
Keep an open mind don't exclude or include something as a ideology or religion, use your own capacity to make connections between what you know from your self and what you know from others. In every religion or philosophy you can find something which fits to you person, just filter out the things what doesn't fit, never go along with something what doesn't feel right, because than it is not right for you. Follow your hart with the help of your intelligence and use intention to create. That's what I've learned until now, but I never think I know it now, it might surprise me that I was wrong after all,  and that doesn't matter.
My live time is one big learning process.

What about evolution?

When the species populated the world, the walked through a couple of stages of evolution, this evolution is a kind of program what in the first place try to preserve the strongest or fittest as the Darwin followers like to say.
The programming is also an Art of evolution, it's a self learning program, which lives in your DNA.
When we watch to our latest 200 year of mankind, we see that there is an enormous shift into the technology , we developed cars, planes, electricity,  telephone, Radio and TV, and of course computers. All this has a meaning, inside our DNA there is a drive to make a bond with others, to share knowledge, to communicate.
Because we can't do it by nature yet, we developed a way to do all this via technology,  we call this the internet, instead of a spiritual network, we have a physical network which connect people all over the world.
It's not the real thing yet, but for now we can learn how it is to be connected with each other, it's a learning stage, before we discover how to connect really.
So even the Internet and other social media has everything to do with our evolution.
There will be a time that some new born people have the ability to communicate without our technology,  right now there are a few people who can do that already.
It is a strange phenomenon, we see them as creeps or as imposters, but after a while they will be accepted as normal people with new abilities.
Every evolution comes with a shock, it never goes gradually.
There is a theory that claims that the whole universe is a kind of internet, everything is connected on a quantum level. It is based on the phenomenon  of particles that when they are separated, they are still connected despite time or distance.


What about synchronicity and destination?

About pre destination,  I can be short, there is a most probable way for everyone, if you do nothing you will follow that way without being aware of it.
But when you be aware of signs around you and you participate in these signs, then we have synchronicity,  there is no such a thing as coincidence,  everything what happens around you, you should read, see it as a dashboard with events which will happen in the future,  when you are aware of this dashboard you will adjust you live on behalf of the information you get, and then you have the future in your own hand.
It's not easy, but like meditation, practice will  be rewarded.
To give an example, I forgot my wallet on the roof of my car  I drove away, and when I came to the shop I realised that I lost my wallet, I drove back the same way , but I couldn't find it, I turned, just to have another try, and then a bird flew up, and almost hit my car, I stopped and I stepped out. (Normally I would not Pay attention and would have drove further) I walked to the place the bird came from, and suddenly in the high gras my foot stumbled against something black, I bend to see what it was, and es, you guessed already, it was my wallet. Well this is called synchronicity, it is no coincidence,  the changes are one to a million, or probably  much more.
So if we are aware of events we normally would neglect,  we can bend the most probable time line, and therefore change destiny.

What about intention?

Intention is a very powerful way to create for your self or others a kind of constant Energy which can help in a healing process or can help to relieve pain mentally and physically. In experiments they discovered that intention has real power (see
The thoughts we have consist of the same particles as everything in this universe. With the quantum physics it becomes clear that the observer influence the roles what is watched by this observer. This means that the thoughts from the observer created an interference with the measured particle.
Now we have even evidence that thoughts can have a influence outside the thinker.
If we try to make one thought for instance the thought of love with a lot of people at the same time directed to the same object, for instance a flower.
Then we will compare the state of that flower compared with let's say 50 control flowers in the same condition but in an other room.
And now the amazing thing is happening, the flower who gets the intention with love, stays longer healthy as all the 50 control flowers.
So intention work if you do it right, there are work groups who helps you develop your ability to sent intention.

What about changing things what already happened?

Most of us would say, what happened can't be changed, but is that really true?
Maybe there is a way, it's a rather peculiar theory I have, but I think there could be a possibility to change things in our past lives.
Our mind is capable to go in a deep meditation, or it can have lucid dreams, we can't tell the difference between what is real and what is a dream.
Experiments with brain stimulation show that what is real for this person was caused by an external stimulation, so the mind can't tell if it came as a external impulse or from what your eyes can see. Therefore what you see is not necessary the real world.
In some aspects what you see is maybe an other reality. 
Now we come in the to  interesting part of r his theory.
The latest scientific investigation in the quantum physics believe that parallel universes are logical to exists. They talk about membranes which consists of 11 dimensions,  this is a pure mathematical perception,  it isn't possible for our brain to understand more than 4 dimensions, so we will not try that.
The parallel universe is a consequence of the many worlds interpretation (MWI) from quantum physics in which every single quantum possibility inherent in the quantum wave function becomes a real possibility in every moment of your life, every decision you make, is causing a split of your “now” self into an infinite number of future selves, all of which are unaware of each other.
Though we talk of the universe “splitting,” this isn’t precisely true. From a mathematical standpoint, there’s only one wave function, and it evolves over time. The superposition's of different universes all coexist simultaneously in the same infinite-dimensional Hilbert space. These separate, coexisting universes interfere with each other, yielding the bizarre quantum behaviours.
Also in the quantum physics the found that thoughts has a interference with particles.
These particles on quantum scale exist whiting the theoretical membrane.
What if we can travel between these universes not with our body but with our thoughts, our Soul or our consciousness? 
And what if we than make a switch from one self in one universe to an other self in the other universe, which is slightly different?
And what if we can control this ability?
Well then it is possible to switch to a parallel Universe where some things didn't happened, so we will feel this as that we have changed the past.
And maybe these kind of switches between universes happen every minute with everybody, we are constantly travelling between all possible universes with out even knowing it.
This can explain why some people seems to be always on the looser site, and other always on the lucky site, maybe it's a self for filing prophesy.  your state of mind let you jump to the universe you think you deserve.  All in your subconscious of course.
This last example was a kind off playing around,  it will not claim that it is always your own fault when something in your life goes wrong.

What about healing

What about people with power


What about good and bad


What about live and death


What about reincarnation


What about the question "What is the purpose of life"

This belongs to the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
When we are born on this planet, we are not aware of our awareness yet, it takes a time before we have this awareness.
Then we start asking the question, why am I who I am? , What am I doing here? , What is the purpose of life?
Nobody can really tell, but we can trying to figure out what the connection is between philosophy , science and the spiritual part.
Let's assume the idea of a universe that only exist because of thoughts from every living object, than we have already found the purpose,  namely to keep the universe alive as we see it. 
But what is than the purpose of our awareness of our self, why do we have to be creatures in a 3 dimensional space, why is that necessary for the universe to exist, and why should this universe exist in a 3 dimensional space?
Maybe because we are a part of evolution, this evolution can't develop it self without interaction from other dimensions, there were all creativity exist in a universal cloud of consciousness.
We incarnate from a more Dimensional being to a 3 dimensional human being. And that has a purpose, first of all we transform thoughts of a higher level into a 3 dimensional brain, these thoughts are transferred via our consciousness which is every were in all dimensions, it is as we saw before the carrier wave for thoughts and awareness.
During our growth we learn to handle our thoughts, we make new connections in our brain, we combine experience we invent new thoughts and we bring it in practice. 
We can do this only in a 3 dimensional space, there were Energy is so compact,  that light reflects on it and our hands can feel the form of this compact energy, so now we are capable to see the beauty of colours, to smell flowers and to feel the skin of our loved ones.
This ability gives an extra information to our being, which we never could experience when we were not incarnated.
Some religions tell us that you have to reject these earthly pleasures, that you have to concentrate to God, and reduce yourself to a slave, with no needs, you have to suffer to be allowed in heaven,  in the time of the inquisition people could buy with money a letter which give them a reduce of they're earthly sins.
In this aspect it would be a sinn to do nothing with your 3 dimensional life on earth, it is necessary to collect these experience's it's a part of the whole picture.
So, yes we can say that a 3 dimensional space has boundaries and can feel like a prison, but on the other hand you can also say that living without a body in another dimension has a lack of sensing things like physically awareness .
That's why we are here, to make a complete creature, we we are aware on several dimensions, this information is essential for the evolution of everything.